Add uncertainty and depth to your game through the “On Track” blocks! + 5 examples

13 May 2022

When you are building a game, you’re wondering: What does it take to make deeper rules? In the beginning, when...

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Using QR codes in Bokun by Tripadvisor to sell tickets to your games or tours

5 May 2022

You might have used to generate tickets in Loquiz to sell the unique passcode for individual players as tickets. What...

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Legacy results pages will be discontinued, new results view in full use

4 May 2022

Old legacy results pages are going to be discontinued starting 31. of May. This means you have only access to...

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“Answer is …” rules block for sending players to different scenarios

14 April 2022

You might have already created games by guiding players into different routes of the game by the correct or incorrect...

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Tutorial adding tasks into the game and showing tasks with specific tag

8 April 2022

In this advanced tutorial, you will learn different ways how to add tasks into the game and/or to a map....

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Share your game to another Loquiz account

30 March 2022

We have previously written about the difference of games and game templates and why you should create templates. In this...

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