How to let your clients download all the pictures and videos?

27 October 2023

Clients/players usually like Loquiz games with photos and video They do enjoy such a game for sure. However, they’ll be...

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A new feature for your Templates: Search bar

26 October 2023

Loquiz templates, a main feature of your account A Loquiz template is a model of a game on which you...

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5 advice for more interactivity with Loquiz with “Answer by any team” block

11 September 2023

Create interactive games with Loquiz! You’ve been using Loquiz since a long time ago, or since yesterday, and you want...

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Give different amounts of points according to the distance

18 August 2023

Let’s imagine this situation: “You have 20 minutes to cover as much distance as you can. The more you run,...

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Let your client create quiz questions: Collaborators feature

4 August 2023

Let your client create quiz tasks without them accessing your account. Let’s say, you face the following situation: Your client...

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How to brand your Loquiz game?

3 July 2023

How to make sure that your Loquiz game looks like your own, with your brand, or your client’s brand? In...

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