Legacy results pages will be discontinued, new results view in full use

4 May 2022

Old legacy results pages are going to be discontinued starting 31. of May. This means you have only access to...

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Three features to manage photos during and after the game

14 February 2022

Photo tasks in games are among video tasks one of the most creative ones. Especially augmented photo brings out the...

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20 affordable ideas for game and scavenger hunt prizes

31 January 2022

There are many types of scavenger hunt prizes you can consider. Read on to get ideas for affordable scavenger hunt...

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Use pictures as “Playgrounds” with Loquiz

10 March 2021

We’ve just released a new feature. You can use a picture as a playground for your own Loquiz game. Cats,...

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Features released in the first half of 2020

22 July 2020

Recently, over the last months, Loquiz has had active times. There has been a plentiful of features we have accomplished...

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Declining photo/video tasks

5 June 2020

A small update in the rubric of the Photowall. That connects to the games where instructors are keeping an eye...

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