Our new Communication game is out!

16 February 2023

The game “Break the Wall” is out! Team up with your friends and challenge yourselves to break through the wall...

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Game tips time! How to quickly edit videos after games

4 August 2022

Ben-Jamin from On Purpose Adventures event company shows how to quickly edit videos after his customers have played the scavenger...

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How to Create Corporate Event Highlights Video That Will Attract Attendees

12 June 2022

When producing an event, an organization should make the most of every resource it invests in, especially content. Particularly, we...

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Legacy results pages will be discontinued, new results view in full use

4 May 2022

Old legacy results pages are going to be discontinued starting 31. of May. This means you have only access to...

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Three features to manage photos during and after the game

14 February 2022

Photo tasks in games are among video tasks one of the most creative ones. Especially augmented photo brings out the...

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20 affordable ideas for game and scavenger hunt prizes

31 January 2022

There are many types of scavenger hunt prizes you can consider. Read on to get ideas for affordable scavenger hunt...

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