Loquiz Events Creator – run games for any occasion

Tool for event professionals to create rich games!

With Loquiz Creator you can build scavenger hunts and treasure hunts, engaging team building games for your customers.
Rich content from audio, images, video to optional gamified elements give you the possibility to create a truly exciting event experiences.

Questions, challenges and tasks that connect!

With Loquiz you can build anything from simple quizzes to sophisticated indoor and outdoor game experiences suitable for a wide range of company events. Tasks engage, entertain and educate individuals and connect teams to work together in remote and hybrid events.

Memorable events participants will talk about!

All games generate results which capture participants emotions and thoughts. You will have proof of the event in photos, videos, survey answers, players text and various other input. All of this you can turn into output package you can share with the customer after the event.

Nadan Tsur / Team Dynamics

„Since we connected with Loquiz we have significantly expanded our sales and our options. It allowed us to add both premium and regular game concepts to our portfolio.„

Karen Anderson / Alberta Food Tours

"The problem that Loquiz really solved is it helped guide us in deciding how we were going to do a self-guided tour."

Martin van der Meer / UP events

"We have run the game on our training days for the new people. Knowing our core values, products, and basic work skills everybody needs to know before they can work here. We have had the onboarding game as a finish for this day so it was a playful way of recapping the info of the day."

Robin Orgulas / Estonian School Sport Union

"Being able to offer teachers some help with their workload and also keep students on the move was great. Games were highly appreciated by teachers due to their simplicity and also because these were fun and challenging enough for the kids."

Tord Björkqvist / Aventi

„After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.„

Robert Jan Thomassen / SOS Events

„It changed the way we create, prepare and execute our events. We have far more choices to make, but in a positive sense – there are way more good choices available now then we had in the past.„

Patrick Lussier / Outeractive Experiences

"I’ve been able to adapt old game concepts that used to be a ton of work to put together on site. I can mix two together and have teams use more abilities within the same game."

Suzan Romar / Helder Events

"Our clients like the games we have built with Loquiz, because they are easy to use, they look professional and are modern."

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Endless resource of new game ideas

Every year you need new games to your activity portfolio. To give you a headstart you will have free and paid quick-start game templates you can edit in any way you want. Also you can connect to Event Professionals in more than 20 countries through Loquiz Community to exchange games.

Professional branding and customization

Customize the games to detail. You can quickly add your own or customers' logos to the app, change color themes, map styles, and colors, add hand-drawn and custom maps or images as game playgrounds. You can even translate the whole app interface texts to any real or imaginary language.

Efficient resource management

Your team will spend less time on setting up, running and wrapping up every single individual event game. This means they can spend more time on innovation, creating new products, or just managing the business.

Deliver events quicker and in larger volumes

With Loquiz powerful content management you can fulfill client requests swiftly and deliver a personalized game for them even on the same day. This also means you can fulfill demand even in high season and fit more events within the same timeframe.

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Discover ready to run game templates!

There are many FREE quick-start templates that you can use to build your games. Loquiz users have created commercial full game concepts or you may create your own content and rules from scratch. Go to the Game Templates to discover what you can already run tomorrow.

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FAQ about creating games for events

Can I get a license for just one event?

Sure you can. But in order to create really cool games we recommend you to start early and actually train your staff in creating games. The outcome will be much better this way. Or get help from our game consultants, who can help you to create a game on your account that you can utilize later.

Do players need to register?

Players do not need to sign up to Loquiz. They just download the app from Google Play or App Store and are able to immediately start playing.

Is Loquiz suited better for small or big events?

It really does not matter if your event has 5 or 5000 participants – the games will work for events of any size .