Create self-guided tours with Loquiz Tour Builder

Create rich self-guided tours for tourism using Loquiz Tour Builder

Design your walking tour using our builder platform and make it available through our app! With our Tour Builder you can build self-guided, audio, bicycle, walking, nature and bus tours for your customers.
Using rich content - from audio guides, images, and video to optional gamified elements - will give you the possibility to create truly exciting tourism experiences.

Your self-guided tour will work indoor and outdoor, in cities and nature

Any smart device can become a virtual tour guide using the Loquiz app. Once downloaded to the smart device, tours work offline. This allows you to create tours in remote areas in nature without wifi or mobile data connection. Tour operators, museums, theme parks and hiking trails can make their destination interactive and accessible for groups and private visitors alike.

Add your languages and branding quickly to personalize the self-guided tours

Loquiz Tour Builder allows you to include logos, brand colors, your own designed map pins, hand-drawn and historical maps or even client-specific details. Personalization boosts the experience of both alike: tailor-made tours for one client and city tours, guiding thousands of visitors. Loquiz app is available in any language- real or fictional.

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Watch how tourism professionals create self guided tours with the Loquiz Tour Builder platform:

Integrate to ticketing systems and scale up your sales

Using Loquiz Tour Builder you can integrate the tours you create with ticket sales platforms Fare Harbor, Bókun by Tripadvisor, Shoproller to automate and scale your sales. You can give your team more time to create quality tours and expand the business. Learn more about booking platforms

Powerful tour content management

Loquiz Tour Builder allows you to create location descriptions, arrange them on the map, add audio guide and visual materials, change, and reuse tour content quickly.

Clear analytics about the visitors

You will get an overview of customer statistics, locations visited, feedback and interactions with the content you created for their tour. Built in gamified survey questions, photo tasks and chat make it effortless to use data to drive new sales

Try live example Paris tour from your home!

Download Loquiz from Google Play or Appstore
Scan QR with Loquiz app and start your virtual travel to Paris. If you are in Paris, you can play it also in the city! This is just one example of tours you can build with Loquiz!

Start free trial to create amazing tours!

Sign up and create self-guided, audio and city tours that delight your customers!
Start from the scratch or use existing templates for a speedy start!

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Tour FAQ

How to create a self-guided tour?

There is a special tool under game templates that allows you to create tours quickly and easily. Tours template allows you to add layers for points of interest into the tour i.e. cafes, museums, photo locations, rentals etc. Tours can be made from scratch with the Loquiz creator as well with as many gamification elements you need. Check out a sample tour in Paris! 

How are tours with gamification elements different from audio guide solutions?

Tours can have gamification elements but they are not compulsory. You can add interactivity with photo and video tasks or use the classic audio guide sound files.

Can I have the app in my own language?

Yes you can have tour app in any of the over 6000 languages on Earth and even imaginary ones. All content within the Loquiz app – from buttons to menus – can be edited by you.

Is Loquiz a web-based or app-based tool?

Loquiz Tour Builder which lets you create the tours is a web-based platform, meanwhile, once you create the tour they are made available to the users through the Loquiz app, which is available on Android and iOS. Your customer’s smart device thus becomes their virtual tour guide, and the app can be used both online and offline.

How much does Loquiz tour builder cost?

Loquiz has several pricing packages – you can find out more about them on our pricing page. You also have the option to try it free for 14 days before you start your subscription.