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Tool for teachers and school sport organizations

Every teacher can gamify their subject with Loquiz and turn it into a game. Loquiz is also a great tool to take classes outside and help pupils be more physically active. Loquiz is a partner of Estonian School Sport Union and large-scale student sport events

Questions, challenges and tasks that students will love!

With Loquiz teachers connect logic exercises, abstract questions, orienteering with GPS, creativity exercises like photo hunting, with physical movement to achieve learning goals. Works individually and connecting students with each other through team-spirit!

More than 220 000 players yearly from all age-groups

Loquiz was founded in 2010 and since is used in more than 35 countries by schools, event companies, outdoor activity providers, team building trainers. Games created with the platform have been proven to engage, entertain and educate people from school children to executives of world-leading corporations.


Special terms for educational use

Our mission is to help children become physically more active and add an element of fun to learning. Every teacher can gamify their subject with Loquiz and turn it into a game. Loquiz is also a great tool to take classes outside and help students be more physically active. Learn more about special terms for teachers

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Member of Education Estonia

Loquiz is highlighted by the Education Estonia and has been acknowledged as the Member of Education Estonia. Education Estonia connects you with the components of Estonian education, whether it is a digital solution, consulting, training, or other.

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FAQ about creating educational games

Is it ok for a individual teacher to sign up?

Absolutely. While you can get a school license for several teachers you are not missing anything out if you just get your individual teacher license. Educational use is meant for bringing fun into the curriculum, so commercial events can not be run on educational license.

Is there a special price for teachers?

Yes, we have a separate package with a different set of features for educational use.

Can I let students play who are studying remotely?

Yes, you can let students play no matter the location. This makes combining playing in the classroom and at home easier.

Can I have the app in my own language so kids will understand?

Yes, you can create content in any language and translate the full app to any language.

Do students need to sign up to Loquiz to play?

No, students need to just download the Loquiz app and scan a QR to start the game an play.