Loquiz for Teachers

Our mission is to help children become more active and add an element of fun to learning. Every teacher can gamify their subject with Loquiz and turn it into a game. Loquiz is also a great tool to take classes outside and help students be more physically active.

If you are a teacher creating games for educational purposes then you are eligible for discounted Loquiz Edu package 6.50€/mo which is paid yearly €75+VAT per teacher*

*The license is for a single teacher. Schools are welcome to buy licenses for several teachers to one school account which same school teachers can share.

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Key functionality Loquiz Edu package includes:
+activate tasks when a location is visited
+activate tasks after determined distance has been walked by the player
+different task types
+add audio, photo and videos to tasks as media
+build interactive stories and study tours

The following limitations apply:

One game creator per subscription

One game at a time

Up to 40 tasks per game

Up to 40 players per game

Built-in pin designs

Basic translation possibilities

Use photo tasks in your games

One playground per game

Basic blocks for game programming

School game templates

Other functional limitations.

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