Loquiz team games creator for HR and leadership

Onboard new employees

Introduce the basic facts new team members need to know about your company. They will get all the details through game which includes videos, images, audio and 11 different type of task formats to complete!

Entertain team

Set up interactive, highly personalized games for on-site, hybrid and remote team building events. Fun and memorable tasks puzzle and entertain people in short 10 minute breaks or team building events lasting for hours.

Get feedback from your team

Insert survey questions or ask people to take photos and videos to capture their opinions. Sum up the results with comprehensive leaderboard you can administrate and give extra points when needed!

Create team events for your colleagues

Engage and train personally, in teams, on-site or remotely


Become the superhero of educating and entertaining your team!

With gamification you will win the hearts of your team and leaders- combining fun and overview of the content is under your fingertips!

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Frequently asked questions to create games for HR and teams

What kind of games are built on Loquiz?

Companies are building onboarding games and energizers, as well as gamifying safety check-ups and specific function related data with Loquiz. The games can be general or location-specific indoors or outdoors.

Do I need to create games from scratch?

No, you can use some of our amazing games from the game templates gallery and change them to personalize for your company and team!

Is there any special technology needed?

You only need your computer to create games in Loquiz Creator and your colleagues need smartphones to play them on.

Can I build a survey into the game?

Yes, you can add some survey questions in the middle of the games – this combines fun and feedback!