The New Easter QR Hunt is out

26 March 2024

Are you planning an Easter-themed activity for your upcoming event? Or for your family gathering? Whether you’re opting for indoor...

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5 New Loquiz Game Remakes that you can use for your Events

30 January 2024

In 2020, Loquiz released the Creator. Before it, we had a few game templates that we were using as showcases...

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The new 100 Coins game is out!

23 January 2024

Imagine that you have to collect 100 coins as fast as possible. Not 101, not 99, just 100 coins. And...

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24 minutes of Logic: Challenge the mental and physical strength of your players!

8 January 2024

Do you know the chessboxing game? It’s a mix of British boxing and chess. This is the best way to...

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Connections V2 is out now! That’s the best “1-minute setup” game

12 December 2023

Imagine that you have an event. People are meeting and they don’t know much about each other. However, you have...

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Photo Hunt – Map version is out now! Play this outdoor game anywhere

1 December 2023

Last week, we released a new version of the Photo Hunt. This new version is suitable for indoor setup as...

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