Challenge: Break the wall – And earn a surprise prize!

2 March 2023

The “Break the Wall” game is out, and we offer you a challenge! You can do this challenge with your...

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Pokémon Go: A successful gamification case study

27 February 2023

Pokemon go is one of the best case studies of gamification in Marketing. This cultural phenomenon hit worldwide on the...

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Our new Communication game is out!

16 February 2023

The game “Break the Wall” is out! Team up with your friends and challenge yourselves to break through the wall...

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Try our new Communication Game: Break the Wall!

26 January 2023

Loquiz is coming up with a new communication game: Break the wall. And we offer you to try it out!...

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Make your Scavenger Hunt map like a video game (step-by-step)

27 December 2022

Using the Creator, we can build a scavenger hunt game. And usually, we use a map. If your game looks...

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14 Best Gamification Apps For Your Business Event

1 November 2022

In a world of digital everything, it is little surprise that gamification apps have quickly become a staple in many...

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