20 ideas for organizing a scavenger hunt at college

20 May 2022

Are you planning to organise a scavenger hunt event in your college? As a former student union member, I can...

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Add uncertainty and depth to your game through the “On Track” blocks! + 5 examples

13 May 2022

When you are building a game, you’re wondering: What does it take to make deeper rules? In the beginning, when...

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The New Virtual Scavenger Hunt is out!

6 May 2022

And you can try it out now. 📱 We have a new game in the Templates market: The Virtual Scavenger...

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How to make your webinar less awkward? A gamification use case

14 April 2022

You’re hosting a webinar on Zoom or Meet. And immediately, one feeling sets up in the room: Awkwardness. How so?...

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25 Office team building scavenger hunt ideas to test now!

7 April 2022

Most of us spend our whole workdays in an office. We do our best to deliver the best work. Thus,...

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Easter is Coming, but the Dinner is missing! – A New Loquiz Game Template

30 March 2022

Play the game, and you will retrieve the missing dinner. Yes, for real. It will lead you outside. Then, you...

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