The new QR Hunt is out

1 March 2024

Are you planning a game in an exhibition? Or an indoor game that will make players run around a building?...

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5 tricks to make your Loquiz Creator logic simpler and clearer

27 February 2024

When your game has many rules, it’s crucial to maintain simplicity and clarity. The simpler the game, the easier it...

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How to automatize ticketing sales without coding

23 February 2024

When you want to sell Loquiz games, you might need to automatize the ticket sales. If someone buys, they need...

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5 New Loquiz Game Remakes that you can use for your Events

30 January 2024

In 2020, Loquiz released the Creator. Before it, we had a few game templates that we were using as showcases...

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The new 100 Coins game is out!

23 January 2024

Imagine that you have to collect 100 coins as fast as possible. Not 101, not 99, just 100 coins. And...

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24 minutes of Logic: Challenge the mental and physical strength of your players!

8 January 2024

Do you know the chessboxing game? It’s a mix of British boxing and chess. This is the best way to...

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