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Why should you Gamify your City Tour?

Illustration: Gamify your City Tour

Implementing gamification on your self-guided city tour using people’s devices can enhance the overall experience in several ways. Here are five reasons why you should gamify your city tour:

1. More engagement

Gamification can make the city tour more engaging and interactive for participants. By incorporating game elements such as challenges, quizzes, and storytelling, you can capture the users’ interest and motivate them to explore the city in a fun and exciting way.

2. Educational purpose

Gamification can be a powerful tool for educational purposes. You can use games to convey historical facts, cultural insights, and interesting trivia about the city so that this immersive learning experience can make the tour more enriching and memorable for the participants.

3. Social Interaction

If you gamify your city tour, it will encourage social interaction among participants. Challenges that require collaboration between the team members can add additional fun during the city tour. Wouldn’t it indeed be nice to enjoy solving riddles and taking fun photos with your family while visiting a historical place?

4. Greater Motivation

Gamification can boost motivation and encourage participants to complete the tour. By setting up goals, milestones, and rewards within the game, you can keep the users motivated to explore different locations in the city and accomplish various tasks along the way. Trust me, a 2-hour city game is much faster than a 2-hour guided tour.

5. Get Easy Feedback Collection

Incorporating gamification elements in your city tour app can help you gather valuable feedback from participants. By including surveys, ratings, and interactive feedback mechanisms in the game, you can collect insights on user experiences, suggestions for improvement, and overall satisfaction levels, which can guide future enhancements to the tour.

Gamify your City Tour: What to think?

Overall, adding gamification to your self-guided city tour can make the experience more enjoyable for participants. By having good feedback, you’ll gain more and more players without investing much in marketing. And you can easily achieve this using the Loquiz platform. Indeed, you can easily add gamification for your own city tour.

Here’s a video example of creating a gamified tour with Loquiz:

If creating a gamified tour sounds appealing to you, but you don’t know where to start, then you can create a Loquiz free account now. Additionally, you can book a 30-minute demo with me. With my gamification expertise, I can help you set up your tour project in your location 😊

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