Gain more points if you answer faster!

2 May 2023

In your Loquiz game, there’s a point system. From there, you can make a task that will give points according...

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Revolutionizing Game Creation: The Impact of AI

10 March 2023

If you’re interested in tech news, you might hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence (also known as AI) lately. And...

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How to compose music for your game using AI

8 March 2023

As game creators, we want to compose the best music for our games. However, not many of us are actual...

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How to use AI to make game illustrations

13 February 2023

When we create a game, we need to make game illustrations. Sometimes, we’re stuck because of the lack of images....

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45 Virtual scavenger hunt ideas to try with your remote team

22 January 2023

In 2020, the pandemic forced companies to develop new event concepts that are Covid-free, such as various virtual scavenger hunt...

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How to let the player skip a step on the map?

11 January 2023

Imagine that you’ve built a Loquiz outdoor game (or tour). People play it autonomously. They can play while you’re sleeping....

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