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How specific should your future corporate game be?

Ready-made or custom rules?

When you’re looking for a game for your corporate event, there’s always a balance between choosing a ready-made game or building a game with custom rules. Most providers offer ready-made games (such as Bingo games or virtual escape rooms), but a few of them offer an editor that allows you to apply custom rules.

Now, let’s think about your client’s requirements: Do they want something custom? Or do they have one existing game in mind?

Which side does my future game belong to?

I’m going to show a table where we see what can make you choose between ready-made and custom rules.

Your task is the following: For each row, choose which side your game belongs to.

Note: I define a ready-made game as a game that you can already start now, with low customization. Whereas in a game with custom rules, you have precise specifications for its design and rules.

A ready-made gameA game with custom rules
🔲 A known concept, a game that everyone enjoys🔲 A unique game for the client and/or from your event company
🔲Any rules will go, as long as the team bonding or team building is done well🔲 Specific rules are required by the client – e.g. A QR code that can open tasks only in certain places with certain conditions
🔲 Low development time – e.g. the game takes place in a week!🔲 A bit more time to develop – e.g. the event takes place in a few months
🔲 Content independent from the client’s company/industry – e.g. A game whose story is completely unrelated to the client.🔲 Content related to your client – e.g. A game that has quiz questions about the client’s industry
🔲 Your client will enjoy any game!🔲 Your client wants to teach something through the rules – e.g. teaching cooperation
🔲 The circumstances are simple, any game will go – e.g. everyone will play in the same location at the same time🔲 The circumstances are complex, so the game needs some edit – e.g. the game needs to be hybrid, to happen at several offices at once
After reading this table, on which side of the table does your future game belong? If it’s clearly on one side, then you’re good. If it’s mixed, then you might have trouble in your planning.

When you build your game design, you need to be clear about what you want. And in our case, you have to make sure you require a ready-made game OR a specific game.

What if I want a ready-made game with a bit of specific rules?

If you’re still mixed about this after some thoughts, then I have good news for you. If you use the right tool, you might create a game where you can edit the rules a bit.

With Loquiz, it’s possible. Indeed, you can use any free game template and reuse them commercially. You can also buy from other Loquiz users. Then from this base, Loquiz gives you the ability to edit any rule with ease.

Free game template offered by Loquiz

Loquiz offers many free templates that you can reuse commercially. And here are a few examples.

An example of a ready-made game that allows specific rules

Choose a ready-made game

Let’s say, you chose the Photo Hunt – Map version for your event. Indeed, you want a Photo Hunt game where players can go to each location, and take photo challenges.

So when you open it, you find these rules:

Creator within Loquiz, with rules, map and a list of tasks
Default rules for the Photo Scavenger Hunt – Map version

Note: The game rules are based on the Loquiz Creator, itself based on the Google Blockly interface. It’s a simple way to edit specific game rules. And we offer a free full tutorial here. Besides, you can get a 30-minute demo with me to learn how it works 😊

Add specific rules to your game

The game is nice! But you want to add specific rules, as follows:

  1. The game takes place in the client’s location: Barcelona
  2. There should be 6 questions about the company
  3. It should last 30 minutes

For the first point, we can move all the pins in a few clicks. And now, our game takes place in Barcelona!

Map including all the tasks, location changed to Barcelona
The game takes place on the Park Güell, in Barcelona

For the second point, we want to edit a few quiz questions a.k.a. tasks, until you have 6 custom tasks.

Task editing: We ask "In what year was the company founded"
Task type is "Number", the answer is "1923"
Here, we’re editing task #1. Instead of a selfie photo, we ask the players a corporate-related question. Then you can edit under tasks #6.

Finally, for the 3rd point, you can edit the game duration in this part of the Creator, so that it will last 30 minutes:

Loquiz game configuration: Duration set to 30 minutes
Go to “3. Configuration”, look at the bottom left, then you can edit the time.

As you can see, Loquiz allows you to reuse any game template and edit the rules. It’s a great compromise between a ready-made game and specific rules required by your client.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact me anytime!

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