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Tours, games, hybrid events

Loquiz is the gamification platform for real-world games. It is used for indoor, outdoor, tours, guided tourism experiences, audio tours,  team building, education, just fun and lately more and more for Hybrid Events. Hybrid meaning that players are in different offices, different countries or just different places and communicating through a video call.

Watch video reel what customers are saying about creating games and tours with Loquiz

Nadan Tsur / Team Dynamics

„Since we connected with Loquiz we have significantly expanded our sales and our options. It allowed us to add both premium and regular game concepts to our portfolio.„

Karen Anderson / Alberta Food Tours

"The problem that Loquiz really solved is it helped guide us in deciding how we were going to do a self-guided tour."

Martin van der Meer / UP events

"We have run the game on our training days for the new people. Knowing our core values, products, and basic work skills everybody needs to know before they can work here. We have had the onboarding game as a finish for this day so it was a playful way of recapping the info of the day."

Robin Orgulas / Estonian School Sport Union

"Being able to offer teachers some help with their workload and also keep students on the move was great. Games were highly appreciated by teachers due to their simplicity and also because these were fun and challenging enough for the kids."

Tord Björkqvist / Aventi

„After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.„

Robert Jan Thomassen / SOS Events

„It changed the way we create, prepare and execute our events. We have far more choices to make, but in a positive sense – there are way more good choices available now then we had in the past.„

Patrick Lussier / Outeractive Experiences

"I’ve been able to adapt old game concepts that used to be a ton of work to put together on site. I can mix two together and have teams use more abilities within the same game."

Suzan Romar / Helder Events

"Our clients like the games we have built with Loquiz, because they are easy to use, they look professional and are modern."

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What will you get

Rich content

You need the freedom to create rich content and engaging game mechanics. Other tasks, answers, time, real-world objects and other players affect how the game unfolds. Build games, not walks.

Game ideas

The best way to be innovative is to build on existing ideas. You will be up and running with quick-start templates in minutes and then develop your own concepts. Plus over 400 free-to-use tasks are waiting to be used in your games.


You expect stability when running games for your business. We have built Loquiz with heavy professional users in mind and offer overnight e-mail support. And yes, the bugs are fixed and the platform is developed every day.


We are proud of the Loquiz community. If you are looking for truly unique game ideas then community provided game concepts are worth checking out. Community members can also help you with developing your own concepts.

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