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Virtual Escape Room: Try it now for free with up to 5 players!

A Free Escape Room to Test Now

When we can’t have fun during family/friends meetings for Christmas or New Year Eve as before, the virtual can be a solution. So here is a good way to enjoy yourself with your relatives now: A virtual escape room to try for free with up to 5 players.

Screenshots of the Dark Manor game


  1. You wake up in a dark manor. But you don’t know who you are, but you know that you have to escape.
  2. You can play alone or with your relatives using Zoom or Skype, with up to five players.
  3. You win only if everyone escapes from the Manor.
  4. Simply download Loquiz on iOS or Play Store for free, then scan the following QR code to start the game immediately:
QR code to start the Free Virtual Escape Room

It’s dark, but you have a flashlight. 🔦

However, you have a limited number of batteries for it.

Fortunately, you can virtually share your batteries with your relatives.

A battery. This will be your most precious ressource.

Have fun!

Side note: Why did I make this game?

To add a side note, I would like to explain why I made a virtual escape room playable for free

Since March 2020, we’re in quite an exceptional situation. Large outdoor events are not possible anymore. Consequently, event companies (like most of the Loquizs users) had to reinvent themselves.

A pandemic leads us to play with a good Virtual Escape Room

And this is the magic of crisis: While many companies are frozen, a few decided to change their whole model. Then this minority ends up taking a major advantage of the situation.

So here is why I made this game:

This free virtual escape room game is the result of my observation from the successful event companies.

Indeed, the virtual team building games are one of the two outstanding niches for the event companies (if you’re curious about the other niche, you can write to me).

The corporation asking for team building are now demanding in virtual/hybrid games (for example, the one using Zoom). Indeed, they are fully compliant with any Covid19 restrictions or any lockdown. Moreover, they bring them an economy of transport. They wouldn’t need to pay for plane tickets when they have local teams in several countries.

To create the game, I started with the initial idea of bringing a virtual escape room, that would require cooperation; anything that a team-building event would enjoy.

Then I added a frightening plot, a wide mechanism using the Creator Pro, and some graphics to raise the immersion. So here is a virtual escape room that you can play for free.

I hope that you will have fun with the dark manor. 😄

If you’ve come that far, I have a small present for you.

While you’re in-game, use the scanner and scan the following QR code. You’ll obtain a battery:

Get a battery!
This might be crucial for your own survival.

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