Using QR codes in Bokun by Tripadvisor to sell tickets to your games or tours

5 May 2022

You might have used to generate tickets in Loquiz to sell the unique passcode for individual players as tickets. What...

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How to make your webinar less awkward? A gamification use case

14 April 2022

You’re hosting a webinar on Zoom or Meet. And immediately, one feeling sets up in the room: Awkwardness. How so?...

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How to remotely influence your Loquiz games as the Game Master? 7 examples

18 February 2022

Imagine that you’re facilitating a Loquiz game with around 50 players. The game goes well, players have fun. But something...

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Why should you use ticketing within Loquiz to sell your games and tours?

27 January 2022

Tickets allow you to sell individual access to your games.  Tickets are single-use username/password combos that allow the player to...

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How to Implement a 360 Picture in Loquiz?

7 January 2022

For Christmas, my family gave me one of the best presents ever: a 360 Camera. What does it change from...

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11 best tour guide apps to create amazing tourism experiences

5 January 2022

In this article, you will get a short overview of 11 tour guide apps that give you the possibility to...

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