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7 ways to generate Profit from your Loquiz games

Playing games is fun, but creating games is even better. What if you generate a profit from your own game creation?

In this article, we’ll explore 7 ways you can generate a profit from your Loquiz game.

1. Sell games for team-building corporate events

Every large company has this need: They want their members to appreciate and trust each other. With such a good teamplay, the whole structure will work better and more efficiently, while employees will have more pleasure to come to work every day.

Gamifying an event is one of the main ways to achieve this. And trust me, many companies are actively looking for event companies to provide them with games. Most of them are quite regular in looking for a game so they’ll need game creators who know how to innovate and conceive tailor-made experiences.

Using the Loquiz Creator, if you’re able to create any team-building games, then you’re good to go. Look at your contacts who work in big companies. If one of them has a “team event” planned soon, offer their team a game.

2. Offer city tours and automatize your sales

If you’re a local in a city with many tourists visiting, you’re in a sweet spot. This also applies if you appreciate the city so much that you know all its secrets.

Create a Loquiz walking tour (here’s a tutorial for it), sell it through your website (here’s another tutorial), and register your city tours on platforms like GetYourGuide or Groupon, and you’ll have a winner!

Additionally, you need to create partnerships with local businesses and bloggers to promote or resell your game. Websites alone won’t be enough to develop your gamified city tour business

3. Offer your games to museums

Museums are often State funded. So it will be different to sell your games for them rather than a corporate event.

If you have a contact at a museum, that will be very helpful. Museums often have specific processes for starting a project and securing proper funding.

However, if you don’t have any contacts there, I recommend offering city tours in the museum’s city. If you’re successful, this can help build your reputation, making it more likely that the museum will approach you to create a museum-specific game.

Regarding the games themselves, museums greatly appreciate indoor games that enhance the visit through gamification. You can combine Loquiz with iBeacons or QR codes to create interactivity.

4. Negotiate public tenders and win them

Since museums are often part of the public sector, you might find yourself participating in a public tender, competing against several other companies to provide the best game.

Public tender projects can include museum games, outdoor games, or games for events like public festivals. Before attempting to secure one of these tenders, we recommend gaining experience with the previous three points.

In the past, companies with Loquiz games have successfully won several tenders. If you find yourself in this situation, feel free to ask for my help. Send me a message, and I can assist you in creating the best dossier for the public tender.

5. Offer serious games for consulting businesses

With your knowledge of game creation for corporations, you can also gamify the teaching of professional values. This is what we call a “serious game.” For instance, you could create a game that teaches security processes within a factory or addresses issues like sexism in the workplace.

To secure a few sales, I advise you to contact consulting companies and offer to create a game that helps players learn about their area of expertise.

6. Provide a fair with a QR Hunt

Do you know of a local fair or exhibition? Perhaps it’s time to gamify their event. Using Loquiz, you can add some fun. We offer a game: The QR Hunt. You can use it commercially if you have a Loquiz account.

It’s specifically designed for fairs. You’ll find all the QR codes you need to print for each stand and staff member’s t-shirts. Players can scan each QR code, providing a great way to engage visitors with different exhibitors. I’ve seen it work very well!

7. Offer natural park to gamify their hiking

Loquiz can be used in offline conditions, which is a significant advantage for games in natural settings. You can offer a Loquiz tour in a natural park!

For such places, we recommend hosting events with a 2-hour game. Attendees can be families (more participants but lower prices) or corporate groups (fewer participants but higher prices). You could also automate a tour: players buy the tour online (as described in the second section), then come to the park and enjoy the tour.

Natural parks are usually public sector or not-for-profit, so I recommend working with them for the promotion. Sell the tickets to the players and let them participate, rather than selling the game directly to the park.

Final thought: You won’t succeed unless…

Selling games can be tough: you’ll need to find the right kind of game that people enjoy and are willing to buy.

When you start selling, you will likely not succeed at first. To succeed, you’ll need persistence: test as many ways to sell, as many games as possible, and as many partnerships as you can. Consequently, out of the hundreds of methods you try, one or two will allow you to grow.

Once you achieve this growth, you’ll also gain a better reputation. With this, it will become much easier to establish partnerships and make a profit from selling your games.

One last piece of advice: do not waste money on social media ads. It may seem like an easy way to get players to buy your game, but it’s not, especially when you’re just starting and still need to determine what can be a successful and profitable game.

If you have a project on how to sell Loquiz games and need my feedback, then I invite you to book a free 30-minute demo with me. I’ll be happy to help you find ideas 😊

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