Loquiz Creator Tutorial now on Youtube

With our Loquiz team, we’ve built a full tutorial to help you use the Creator. We produced a series of videos that explore each aspect of the game creation with this platform.

We will release videos weekly until the 27th episode.

Here are the current videos:


Why gamification? #01 on 27

What to expect from this course? #02 on 27

How to get started with Loquiz? #03 on 27

First steps with Loquiz

Try a game on your phone, a game made with Loquiz #04 on 27

How to create a Loquiz account #05 on 27

How to create a game from a template #06 on 27

What’s possible with Loquiz?

Create 2 Simple Games for Events #07 on 27

Create a Tour Game #08 on 27

Create an Indoor Game #09 on 27

How to make games with Loquiz?

How to make games with Loquiz: Tasks #10 on 27

All the Creator blocks #11 on 27

Loquiz game settings walkthrough #12 on 27

Video #13 on 27

Coming soon…

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