How to let your clients download all the pictures and videos?

Clients/players usually like Loquiz games with photos and video

They do enjoy such a game for sure. However, they’ll be even more delighted to have a link to download all the pictures. And we made it possible.

This saves us from uploading all the pictures on a platform like Google Drive and sharing this link.

Before I show you a tutorial, here is an important disclaimer:

⚠️ Warning: Privacy over your player’s content

I want to emphasize Privacy: When you generate a public results link, whoever gets the URL can access all your player’s photos.

When you share the link with the picture, make sure that the link is not shared publicly.

Also, once you’ve finished with the game, make sure you deactivate it:

By deactivating it, the game data won’t be accessible from the public URL.

I personally advise you to tell your client to download the media before the end of the same day. Then after this time, close this game, and explain to your client that it’s for safety and privacy reasons.

A group of people having fun playing a Loquiz game

Tutorial: Let the client download the media with a link

This feature is possible with the result page. So make sure you follow these 3 steps:

First step: The game settings

Beforehand, let’s make sure that your game configuration allows you to share pictures with anyone. Go to your game settings, “Configuration”, “Results page”, then make sure that you ticked this option

Where to enable the Photos for the privacy in Configuration part: Tick that part

Second step: Generate the result link

When the players finish the game, then all the pictures will be ready on the result page. You can find the result page from the “Game page” by clicking on this icon:

Click on the little square icon with an arrow to access the result

Third step: Share the link (and show where’s the download button!)

This icon will open your browser to a new page.

Copy/paste the URL and send it to your players. And that’s it. Then you might need to explain to them where’s the download button.

First, they’ll just need to click on “Photowall”

Go to the result page, Photowall

From this page, they’ll just need to click on the top right button “Download filtered media”.

Click on "Download filtered media"

Et voilà! Your players will be able to download all the photos/videos from their Loquiz game.

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