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Sharing Game concept ideas with 8+ webinars

Three months ago, from the 11th of March, we decided a new way to share game concept ideas: webinars, that are related to our Games Market.

From this, we launched the first Games Market Webinar on Skype. Then we continued 9 times until the 4th of May with weekly occasions.

Every week we presented a different game concept.

The key speaker was a game designer or a game seller.

We are Loquiz and we have a lot of game concept ideas to share!

Why Games Market Webinars?

Our aim was to ease up the decision process on what to include in your portfolio. If the aim rings a bell to you, then you may get to know more about the game concept ideas. At the same time, you can open up to more details about games from the Games Market

Here you can find the 8 different webinars topics. Each of them is about one game concept on the Games Market.

Hackaton game concept on the games market
Battle Bingo game concept from the game market
Message from the main office from the games market
Connection game from the games market
Agent V game from the games market
Photo Hunt game from the games market
Amazing Crayteam game from the games market
100 coins game from the games market

Webinars’ atmosphere was friendly. From week to week it felt more like friends are coming together. Webinar allowed us to stay on the point but also to discuss the different situations and trying to find solutions. 

So we could definitely share game concept ideas

There was a possibility to ask questions and discuss ideas. Through the webinars’ series, there were more than 50 participants all over the world. I personally hope and believe that new contacts were created. From the background, I can say that sense of the Loquiz community appeared stronger and stronger.

During one of our Webinars Ben-Jamin from On Purpose Adventures proposed to introduce the Zoom platform use case. This meeting actually took place, and it was very heartwarming to see how we are willing to help each other.

From all of this success, we plan to organize more webinars in the future!

Remote games concept ideas from computer to computer

Do you want to take part in our game concept ideas sharing?

All webinars got recorded. Are you a Loquiz community member and interested in recorded materials? Do you want to discover our game concept? Do not hesitate to contact me, Linda.

Perhaps, you would be interested to become our community member; so you would watch and discover Webinars’ materials. If so, please contact us

If you have your own game concept ideas to share with us, to share with our community, you can also contact us

Sending you good vibes!

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