100 coins

Why this game is cool

  1. Easy and quick to set up anywhere
  2. Strategical game and very fun to play
  3. Suitable for any size groups from 10 to several hundreds of participants
  4. Helping to manage the group with a time limit and finish location
  5. Easy to explain to players and briefing time is short
  6. No need for extra props to conduct the game


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One Hundred Coins is simple to make and a very engaging outdoor game. The idea is that teams move from location to location around the play area while answering questions. For each correct answer, the team gets the shown amount of coins. The majority of the questions give positive coins, but some give negative. The goal for each team is to get exactly 100 coins.

Can be played

  • Outdoor
  • Dark
  • Snow
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • iOS
  • Android
For groups from 10 to hundreds
Duration 100 min
Full game concept

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