Message From the Main Office

Why this game is cool

  1. possible to set up anywhere
  2. while it looks competitive it is all about coordination and cooperation. It is only possible to win by working all together. Coming to that conclusion during the game (as it is not briefed that way) is very powerful
  3. suitable for groups of 12 to 40 people. In the case of larger groups, two separate games can be created and started
  4. the game is easy to modify, so it is very suitable for corporations wanting to add their own content to the game and/or needing the game in a special location
  5. takes 1,5 hours of playtime and 1 hour for reflection


If you wish to play this game at your event or purchase the concept for your event company, contact: Alfred Baskin or visit  To purchase the concept you need an existing Loquiz account.

Message From the Main Office is an outdoor team building collaboration game. The idea is that the whole group agrees in the beginning how big % (100, 90, over 75, at least 50) of the questions they plan to answer correctly. And after that teams go outdoors to fulfill their common goal.

Can be played

  • Outdoor
  • Dark
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • iOS
  • Android
For groups from 12 to 40
Team dynamics
Full game concept

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