Battle Bingo

Why this game is cool

1. The game’s biggest advantage is that it is very easy to explain but tough to master. It brings a strategy layer to the game and adds suspense, as other teams might always be ahead of you seconds from completing the sequence you were working to complete.

2. It is easy to set at any location – all you need to do is ‘clone’ the original game, and now with the new Loquiz feature – drag and drop all pins to the desired area. You would just have to verify that pins are not located in an inaccessible location.

3. The game enables easy content and graphics adjustments, so the client can get a ‘tailor-made’ experience with minimum effort.

4. The game can hold any group size, starting with 20 players (it has already been successfully played with 600 people).

5. The game duration can be modified by moving the number pins closer together.

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Battle Bingo is easy to set-up and gives the most fun, interactive and adventurous gaming experience for your clients. It can be played anywhere at any time and can fit all clients.



Can be played

  • Outdoor
  • Dark
  • Tablet
  • Phone
  • iOS
  • Android
For groups from 20 to hundreds
Duration 120 min (can be modified)
Team dynamics
Full game concept

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