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Give a superpower as an award to players!

One element in gamification is giving players a sense of achievement. This might mean getting a meaningful badge, reaching a level or gearing up. This makes the players feel accomplished. In games you build with Loquiz, a quick and cool option to award the players mid-game is to give them superpowers.

At the moment there are bomb, teleport and  multiply superpowers.

Following are two ideas to gear-up the players with superpower when they accomplish a task.

An award when the  instructed activity was completed well

1. Make a question using Activity station question type
2. Make a question using Superpower question type. Set its pin and radius invisible
3. Add both questions into your game. It makes sense to put them on the map close to each other
4. Set superpower pin radius to 0m
5. Save the game and print out QR code for the superpower question.

What happens during the game. Players arrive at the activity and complete it. An instructor decides the number of points they get. As a bonus (for a well-performed task) the  team gets a QR to scan. They could scan it on a spot or during the remaining game. Depending on the superpower it allows them to advance in the game.


+In step 5) set an EAN (barcode) as an activator to the superpower question. Now when the team has completed the activity, the instructor will hand them a product x (let’s say it is a chocolate bar) and tell to scan its barcode. And again bam, the superpower is activated!

+Add multiple superpower questions into the game. Depending on how well the team did, the instructor will allow scanning a different QR with a different superpower. For example, if the team did well with the activity, they get as an award a superpower which will give 10x multiplied the points for 5 minutes. If the team was less good, they get a superpower QR that 5x the points for tasks for 5 minutes.

An award when the team reaches a certain score

This is possible when you are using a scavenger game type.
1. Make a question using  Superpower question type. Make it say why and what it is. Like “Awesome, you have reached the score of 100 points! As an award, you have now for 5 minutes ability to get 10 times more the points from locations!”
2. Insert it into Scavenger game
3. In a Locations step make its radius big, covering the whole game area (Like 3000 meters radius). Making radius transparent is practical so it will not cover the map while you build the game.
4. In an Activations step add after this Superpower question to Activated by score column the score  that will activate the question. Let say 100.

What happens during the game. Players play and when they have gathered the score 100 or more, the Superpower question will open and take effect for the given time.


+Use negative score to activate the superpower for motivating teams who do bad.

+Make multiply Superpower that multiplies points on pins with 0.5 or -1 to slow down teams who are doing too well (reaching a high score)

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