In Loquiz QR codes work as question activators, meaning they open questions once the player points the built-in QR reader on the code. QR codes are additional activators, meaning that all the regular activators still work, but QR codes can be used in addition to those.

In the app QR reader can be accessed through game side menu only. If the QR code is recognized and question can be opened, question is activated, in case QR code is recognized but the specific question can not be opened due to game rules, then player is taken back to the game screen.  If QR code is not recognized, back button will take player back to the game screen.

QR codes and game types

The QR codes exact behaviour depends on the game type in use:

  • Quiz – QR codes can not be used
  • Clue game – QR codes will open any question visible on question list. Also questions that need to  be otherwise opened by going to a location or, by code.
  • Rogain – all questions that are visible on the map (ie. are not answered already) can be opened by QR codes without visiting the place
  • Scavenger – all questions that can be activated (are visible on the map) can be opened by QR code. The questions that are not on the map do not activate until they are on the map.
  • Strategy  – only the next question can be opened using QR code, as also by location.

Printing out QR codes

QR codes are automatically generated for each game. They will have the question order number, question short intro and question regular intro printed above the QR code. You can download specific game’s QR codes PDF file by clicking on the game name in games list, game overview info opens up, in the footer above buttons click “Download QR codes” link.