Loquiz is built so that you can create and reuse your tasks to build different games for different locations and different occasions. We are constantly bringing new game types on board so you can take your existing content to the next level. Currently Loquiz has 5 game types that allow you to build adventures with very different mechanics.

A brief overview of game types will follow.

Location and group size

 QuizClue game RogainScavengerMatch
Group size playing at the same timeUnlimitedDepending on the game setup. Small to unlimited.From medium to large groupsFrom small to very large groups depending on the game setupFrom medium to large groups

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Clue game 

Rogain and Match


Quiz is what the name says – quiz. It takes seconds to put one together and it is very simple to play. But it is not adventure game and is intended for indoor mainly.

Clue game enables you to build games that are based on a list of tasks. You can build in- and outdoor games ,although the map is not shown to players. Players can open tasks by choosing from a list, entering key code or going to the specific location. Players can decide in what sequence to open the tasks.

Rogain and Match game types in Loquiz allow you to easily create games on smart phone. Placing different value checkpoints to different locations.  Extra in Loquiz is that you can make it more interesting by awarding points only if the player answers correctly.

With scavenger game type you can build very flexible games. The basic idea of the scavenger game type is that you can make the locations appear on the map according to specific rules.

Players get tasks in a specific order starting from one. Next task opens after previous is answered. Game ends when time is up or all the tasks are answered.

Players see list of tasks. They can freely choose the task to open. Once the task is answered, it disappears from the list.  There can be three types of tasks:


  1. Envelope – task opens by clicking on it.
  2. Key – when clicked dialogue pops open that asks for the key code. In case the correct key code is entered, task opens. If key code is not correct player can try again.
  3. Map pin – this is shown when location specific task is in the game. Task opens outdoors in a specific place.

Players see all the locations on the map and the value of every one of them. The goal is to gather as many points as possible within the time limit. Going for several low score locations or trying to get high score locations right are different options. When time runs out all the locations disappear from the map and users are directed to finish.

Match works like Rogain game, but locations will disappear for all the teams if any team answers it.

Players see some of the locations at the start of the game (according to the game creator plans anywhere from one to all locations). Scavenger game type can be set up so that each team sees only one location and every team see different location (rotate start fields). Task pops up when a player is in the correct place.  Other locations will appear on the map according to a timer (minutes from the game start) or according to the rules after answering certain tasks.

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