Logic blocks

Logic blocks allow to combine condition and action blocks for the game rules.

Basic building block that allows to do actions (THEN) when condition becomes true (WHEN).
When-then blocks can be nested to easily create AND logic constructs
Logic operator that allows to combine multiple conditions.
Can be one of: AND or OR condition. Can not be used on actions.
NOT block reverses the condition.
The block makes the condition TRUE when the original condition returns FALSE.

Condition blocks

Conditions connect to WHEN-THEN blocks only.

WHEN <condition> becomes TRUE THEN action is taken.

Timer from the beginning of the game. Option for greater than or smaller than. Set in hours, minutes and seconds.
Date-time conditionDATETIME CONDITION
Condition for specific moment in time. (time of day for specific day). Option for greater than or smaller than. Timezone(T) needs to be defined (default is your computers time zone)
Task finished conditionTASK FINISHED CONDITION
Becomes true when task is finished. Finished means that it can not be answered by the player anymore.
Depends on the settings of the task (edit task->additional settings):
1. remove when answered correctly/incorrectly – task becomes finished after any answer (default behaviour)
2. keep until answered correctly – task becomes finished after correct answer
3. keep until the end of the game – task will never become finished

The condition will become TRUE when LAST ANSWER to that task is the active option in rules. Using <correct or incorrect> option means that the condition is true after any answer to that task. In this case the outcome does not depend on the task settings, that makes it different to TASK FINISHED CONDITION above.
Acts like to condition above, but takes input from all the teams playing within the same SCOPE.
Will become true if any team within the same scope has given the specified answer.
Can be used to bring interactivity into games.

NB! Please note that if there are many teams (50+) within a scope then this rule block will put heavy load on all the devices. Use with caution for large events!
The condition will become TRUE when exact answer is given to a task that is defined within the block. It expects different input for different task types:
1. multiple choice answer – choose an answer for a condition from a list
2. text answer – define specific text string (can be different to answer string within a task)
3. number answer – define specific value (can be different to answer within a task)

NB! The block does not depend on if the answer is correct or incorrect, it only checks that the answer is defined in the block for specific task.
Score and odometer conditionSCORE/ODOMETER CONDITION
Will become true when score or odometer is greater than or smaller than or equal to a specified value.

NB! Please note that when equal is used the value might never appear or become true for a very short time and hence the action will not be carried out.
On track conditionON TRACK CONDITION
Allows to build different rule sequences within the game for different teams. When ON TRACK block is used within a game then players (teams) joining the game within the same scope are automatically assigned to tracks.
First team to register will always get track 1, second will get track 2. If there are two track defined in your rules, then the third team to register will get track 1 again. Using that you can create rules that apply only to some of the players (teams) in a game.
QR scanned conditionQR CONDITION
Becomes true when QR code is scanned (NB! QR codes that start with 0 won’t work). Enter QR string here and generate QR with QR-generator to put into the environment. QR codes set here are PERSISTENT – once the QR is scanned it will be affecting the entire game. QR codes block can be used in any condition set allowing you to show stuff on a map or playground as well as opening a task for answering.
NB! The behaviour is different compared to the QR codes generated automatically within game! Do not use the QR codes generated automatically within a game here.
QR codes generated within a game settings do not depend on rules (they can always be used) and they are not PERSISTENT (meaning they can be used several times if task is not finished depending on task settings). Automatic QR codes can only be used to launch specific task.
Becomes true when barcode is scanned. Enter barcode to the box. Barcode must have 12 numbers in order to work.

PS! If you have barcodes defined with tasks as well, then these are also used in a game and work always independent of the rules similar to QR CONDITION.

Becomes true when the odometer is higher than set value from the moment when the task defined is finished. To utilize the block make sure that task is actually finished (please refer to TASK FINISHED CONDITION above)

Timer greater (>) or less (<) … after task finished. Timer will start counting after the Task is finished (please also refer to TASK FINISHED CONDITION above).
When Task any answer is … you can have multiple outcomes from the same Task. For example, when you have set 2 any answers to the same Task, it can open 2 other Tasks.

When Task Last answer is … the last answer you give to the Task, will be the persistent one. For example, when you have set 2 last answers to the same Task, the users will be able to follow one outcome depending the answer they provide.

NB! When using Code Box with this Block, the answer must have the exact number of letters otherwise users will not be able to answer because the number of boxes won’t match.

Action blocks

Action blocks determine the game behaviour when a condition becomes true. Action blocks can be put inside the WHEN-THEN block. Action blocks can also be placed without the WHEN-THEN block – then the condition for action is always true and the action is executed when the game starts and will stay true till the end of the game.

Shows task or tasks on a map. If task is not location specific task, location needs to be set as a next step.
Shows task or tasks in a list.
Shows a task icon on playground. Before the block appears in creator, playground needs to be created in game configure screen. Icon location on playground is set after using the block.
Playgrounds can be chosen among all existing playgrounds in the game.
If several tasks are opened at the same time then higher in task list is opened first.
Finishes the game. When condition becomes true game is finished without reversal.
Finish condition for time is also automatically generated when time or duration is entered in configuration screen.
If there are several finish conditions then the first one to become TRUE finishes the game.
Deactivates the task during when the condition to set deactivate is true. Task will not be deactivated till the end of the game but only until the condition that calls it is TRUE.
Deactivate block is virtual in the sense that it utilizes other blocks (like NOT block) to create conditions that make the task behave as deactivated. (Use with care, might behave unexpectedly!)

Task blocks

Task are the resources in the game that can be shown on map, in list, on playground or opened for answering as needed. Tasks are also referred to create some conditions.

Task by numberTASK NUMBER
Refers to specific task by task order in the game. Shows task order, task pin, task color and first part of the task text in rule block.
Refers to range of tasks. The range is dynamic. If tasks are removed from the game the game logic will try to modify the range.
Always check that ranges are correct after manipulating tasks in a game.
All tasksALL TASKS
Refers to all the tasks added into the game.
Refers to tasks with specific tag.