Logic blocks allow to combine condition and action blocks for the game rules.

Basic building block that allows to do actions (THEN) when condition becomes true (WHEN).
AND & OR operator allows to combine multiple conditions. Can not be used on actions.
Reverses the claim. For example
NOT FINISHED TASK # means task not finished.


Conditions connect to WHEN-THEN blocks only.

WHEN <condition> becomes TRUE THEN action is taken.

Timer conditionTimer from the beginning of the game. Option for greater than or smaller than. Set in hours, minutes and seconds.
Date-time conditionCondition for specific moment in time. (time of day for specific day). Option for greater than or smaller than. Timezone needs to be defined (default is your computers time zone)
Task finished conditionTask finished condition. Becomes true when task is finished correctly or incorrectly.
Task finished correctly or incorrectlyTask finished condition. Option for correct/incorrect. Becomes true when task is finished correctly or incorrectly as set.
Score and odometer conditionScore and odometer condition. Can be set as greater than or smaller than or equal to value. Please note that when equal to value is used the value might be never achieved or becomes true for a very short time.
On track conditionOn track condition. Teams are assigned to tracks according to their registering sequence.
QR scanned conditionBecomes true when QR code is scanned. Enter QR string here and generate QR with QR-generator. NB! Do not use QR codes generated within game! They will activate all tasks at all times!
Barcode scannedBecomes true when barcode is scanned. Enter barcode to the box. PS! If you have barcodes defined with tasks as well, then these are also used in a game and work always independent of the rules!

Action blocks

Action blocks determine the game behavior when a condition becomes true. Action blocks can be put inside the WHEN-THEN block. Action blocks can also be placed without the WHEN-THEN block – then the condition for action is automatically always true and the action is executed always.

Shows task or tasks on a map.
Shows task or tasks in a list.
Opens task for answering. If several tasks need to be opened at the same time then higher in task list is opened.
Finishes the game. Finish condition for time is also automatically generated when time or duration is entered. If there are several finish conditions then the first one to become TRUE finishes the game.
When the condition becomes true the task referenced will be deactivated and thus will not act in other conditions after that event. USE WITH CARE, MIGHT BEHAVE UNEXPECTEDLY!


Task are the resources in the game that can be shown on map, in list or opened for answering as needed.

Task by numberRefers to specific task by task order in the game. Shows task order, task pin, task color and first part of the task text.
Tasks by rangeRefers to range of tasks. The range is dynamic.
All tasksRefers to all the tasks added into the game.