To getting started with Loquiz your first step is to create a 14 days valid free Trial account HERE. After you fulfill a registration form and leave your contacts we will send you an e-mail to confirm you account.

PLEASE NOTE: if you decide to continue with Loquiz after Trial expiration then you can prolong the same account what you created for TRIAL. You don`t need to create new account.

Trial account contains:

The Trial account is valid for 14 days. The account has the following features:

Tasks in a game -10 One task is one question, story, photo or video assignment

Blocks in a game – 50 Blocks within visual game composer.

Simultaneous games – 1. Create unlimited amount of games, but you are limited with 1 simultaneously running game.

Player limit in one game – 10 players (devices). Maximum amount of players (devices) in one game.

Users – 1. Creating games can be a team effort.

Hybrid views – 1. Screens with custom background and dynamic icons in addition to map and list view.

Media tasks – Photo. Tasks to shoot a photo.

Maps – Map& Satellite. Maps for outdoor gamification.

Use task in multiple games – YES. Every task lives in tasks database and can be re-used in many games.

Branding – NO. Customize the look and language of the app.

Ticketing and API – NO. Integrate Loquiz with ticket selling environments.

Support – YES.  Free consultation to start with Loquiz.

At any time during trial you can upgrade your package. See what next level packages are available. All the tasks and games created during trial will be available for use. To upgrade to paid account you have following payment options.