Loquiz is built to make better games with less work. There is one very important concept that you need to understand before creating Loquiz games.

Tasks live outside of the games. 

That is it. What does it mean?

It means that tasks are separate from games. They stand on their own. The game only refers to specific tasks. It means that you can use one task all over again in several games without making a copy. It means that if you want to change the task, it will be changed in all the games it is present. To avoid this, you can make a copy of the task.

Tasks are building blocks for games and having strong and well tagged database of tasks allows you to create games faster than ever.

Maximum number of tasks in a game is limited by the device capabilities.  Generally safe limit is having less than 200 tasks in a game.  There might be additional limits based on your account plan. Please know that showing more than 100 tasks on a map at the same time is very resource intensive, so consider adding logic that only shows part of the tasks at any given time.

Some game creators are using  more than 200 tasks in a game. If you need to do that you should test with all the devices on what the game will be played.