Playgrounds allow the game creators to create multiple screens with photo background and dynamically show icons on the background. In a device each playground can be accessed by clicking on the button on game screen. Playground can be zoomed together with pins. Clicking a pin will open a task.

Check out the video below to get an short intro into creating playgrounds.

How to start?
In the game can have 5 different active Playgrounds (new!). Each playground can be accessed by clicking on the button of the Configuration screen.
Right side from menu find Playground(s). Activate playground(s) and/or different parameter’s for playground:

Name: this is the name of playground, visible for players during the game;

Background color: display in situations where the playground does not cover the entire screen of the device;

Additional settings: for each Playground can set up different settings (new feature)!

Display task order on pin – Mark to show task order pins on the map.

Display task score on pin – Mark to show how much points specific tasks’ give.

Display nothing on pin – Mark this and nothing is shown above the pin, only pins appear for the player on the map.

Display task short intro under pin – Tick this additionally to make tasks’ short intros appear on the map below the pins. Works in combination with showing task order, score or nothing above the pin.

Allow open tasks on playground – This will allow player to open a task by clicking on a map without going there.

Allow zoom – in default zoom is allowed (together with pins) and user can disallow it for every playground from Configuration tab.

Also, you can zoom pins in/out separately. Around a pin icon there is bounding box. Hold that and drag a pin to the size you like. Look at short tutorial how to scale icon size on Playground:

Additional information how to customize pins on the map read more here.