Loquiz API allows you to create your own result pages and connect Loquiz to your online ticketing/booking system.

Loquiz API will integrate with your online ticketing/booking system. The API will forward the information to the booking system once your customer completes the booking/purchasing process. After that, the booking system, if set up in that way, will send the email or message to your customer with the login credentials plus all the essential info on how to start the game.

If you have multiple games available on your webpage, the API ensures that your customer will get the correct login credentials of the particular game your customer purchased.

Login through API

Login happens with Username and Password. Username can be manually defined, if left empty it will use name or generate a random one. Password will always be generated by Loquiz.

  • If username nor email is defined, then username will be randomly generated by Loquiz and returned in Response (email will be absent in response).
  • If email is defined and username it is not, then both the email and username will be the email (only accepts email format).
  • If you define username and not email, then the username will be the username and email will be absent.
  • If you define both email and username, then username will be the username and email will be email.

The working version of the API with explanations is hosted here:


In order to use the API, you need to generate an API key.

Go to the USER menu ->Account settings->API->Generate a new API key.

If you do not find the API tab in account settings, then contact hello@loquiz.com to find out how this can be activated for you.