DEPRECATED. Please use Webhook instead.

Callback URL is a feature that lets you build your own results table. Or automatically take actions outside of Loquiz platform

To use it you need to define your own “receiving server” URL within Game settings. In order to utilize callback URL you need to set up your server and webpage for receiving the information.

If that is set we relay the information every time a team answers. Following information will be sent.

  "team_id": "xxxxxxx",
  "team_name": "testteam",
  "statistics": {
    "total_score": 1,
    "hints": 1,
    "total_steps": 1,
    "fast_forwards": 0,
    "steps_from_finish": 0,
    "time_spent": 107,
    "correct_answers": 1,
    "wrong_answers": 0,
    "odometer": 0,
    "penalty_points": 0,
    "isFinished": true  <only sent when team has finished>
"batch_code":"xxxxx" <only sent when batch password is used>

Please note that each time we are sending the full set of statistics for specific team. We do not send information about individual tasks/answers nor do we relay any media.

Please note that some statistics is used only in some game types and might be nonsense in others. Use only the values you need.

“isFinished” : true is only relayed if the team has finished.

“batch_code”: “xxx” is sent only if batch code was used to start a game

Testing the callback

Easy way to test the callback URL is to use Webhook Tester.

Generate a new URL, add it as callback URL within Loquiz PRO and let somebody play the game. You will see the information appearing on the receiving site.