New superpower – teleport

June 25, 2019 - 3 minutes read

A new superpower called teleport is now available. It allows the player to choose a “teleported” location dot on the map which will mimic their movements in their actual location.
When a player reaches a teleport superpower location pin, the question opens and activates the superpower (for a given time).

Update Loquiz app on your devices to make this feature work in your games.


1) Create a task, choose answer type to be Superpower and then Teleport.

An example of teleport task text.
“Awesome. You have acquired an superpower to teleport to anywhere. Tap on the map where you want your “ghost” location to go. Location dot will follow your movements in this location for the next XX minutes! Be safe!”

2) Add a timer, for example, 5 minutes.
Without the timer, superpower will stay switched on until the end of the game or until players manage to acquire the next superpower.


  • 1. the player enters the superpower task area
  • 2. task text is displayed together with OK button
  • 3. Then the map is displayed together with the text “choose where you want to be teleported”
  • 4. if the player clicks on the map then app asks if this was really what they wanted – yes, no. If no then new location can be chosen if yes, then superpower takes effect.
  • 5. Player location is shadowed into a new location and mimics the moves of the actual location. Actual location does not activate tasks, but the teleported location does.
  • 6. The timer is shown that marks time left for the superpower. If no timer is set just superpower icon is displayed.
  • 7. When the timer is over or other superpower activated then the player’s location comes back to the original location. Everything resumes to normal.


-Have the option to acquire teleport superpower multiple times during the game and multiple pins set to locations otherwise not reachable- rooftops, open water, closed institutions (now teleport to the white house, state prison, etc.)

-Take a location in the middle of the Sahara desert or any other famous landmark.

-Open space with a predetermined size in another location(s). For example, you can use any local football field to play on a famous football stadium in another country

-Give this superpower as an award after completing an activity. So players can optionally use it any time during the game as a ticket to the ride.

Check out an example teleport superpower questions from the Public Library.

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