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Correct or Incorrect? Display it task by task. And that’s a new feature

After Answer Task

Before, you had the possibility to show from a task if the answer was correct or not. You also had the possibility to display the correct answer (if the player answers incorrectly).

That’s nice, but… That only works for the simplest games.

Nowadays, we have more and more complex games using Loquiz (as the Ugly Sweater Escape). For instance, a game will heavily use the type of task “No Answer”.

In case you’re not familiar with it, “No answer” is a task with only one possible answer:


A no answer task

But you don’t need to know if the “No Answer” task is correct, as your answer will be correct.

Thus you had a “Correct” that appeared, confusing the player whenever they finished a “No Answer” Task.

From this issue, we came up with the possibility to select task by task to display the result of the quiz.

And I think that it’s a game-changer.

Let’s take one question as an example:

Where did tomatoes originate from? Surely not Australia

Australia, really?

If you’re a know a little bit in agro-industry as I am, or if you enjoy the history of the pre-Columbian civilizations as I am, then you would disagree.

You can also ask Loquiz to retort you. See for yourself:

How "Wrong Answer" appears

Loquiz can also tell you the correct answer. It can be useful to avoid frustration from the player.

You can show the correct answer after a task

In fact, the tomatoes came from the indigenous civilization located in Mexico. One of them includes the famous Aztecs.

The word “tomato” is coming from the Aztec language. They call it the “tomatl”.

Beautiful tomatoes

Imagine that you would like to base your game on storytelling, with a succession of “No Answer” Tasks… Wouldn’t that be annoying if you had “Correct Answer” many times?

This new feature will ease the user experience on your Loquiz games.

How would you have access to this new feature?

Learn from the video or keep reading on below.

From the Creator, just open a task to edit it. Go to the additional settings tab:

Go to the task's settings to change it

Scroll down until you find this:

Scroll down to find these settings

There you are!

… Wait. You actually have one last step to make it possible.

Go to the game settings:

In the game settings, there's a last thing to set up: The options to tick.

From the settings of the tasks, you will have this:

Make sure you tick these two options.

Then you will be able to attribute a few tasks the ability to show if the answer was correct and/or the answer!

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