Ugly Holiday Sweater Escape Game

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Still pondering what to do with your co-workers or family at a holiday season party?

Try escaping the ugly sweaters!

In Ugly Holiday Sweater Escape, you are stuck in a freezing room. The atmosphere is getting colder and colder.

However, there is a limited amount of sweaters everyone is after. And mysterious sweater-master is there to help you, or is he? Who will keep the warmth and who will wear an ugly sweater? Find out how naughty or nice you and your friends are in the game…

Attendees need just a smartphone, pen, and paper. It has team cooperation tasks, logical puzzles and fun photo tasks. This needs to be played from 2 to 6 devices. They all need to start at the same time. The game finishes for everyone once one of the devices reaches a 1-hour countdown.

This game can be played

  • on-site
  • in a hybrid format where some people attend over zoom and instead of taking pictures on site you take pictures of the screen
  • fully online where everyone is at their own home

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