4 New Loquiz Blocks for more Interactivity and Deeper Rules

In the last month, we officially released 4 new blocks that can bring your game design deeper. We built these blocks following the request and recommendations from our users. And we work alongside them to ensure that no issues are appearing while using them.

Before I dig into it, let me ask you a question: Have you tried the latest release, the Ugly Sweater Escape?

This game uses some of these latest blocks. The handling of this game will differ a bit from the others. Indeed, it’s a game with more randomness and more interactivity with the other players, thanks to the new blocks.

And now, let’s see the 4 new blocks.

1. The “Tasks with tag” block.

Where to find the "tasks with tag"
Tasks>Tasks with tag

This task will allow you to decide an action for a list of tags depending on their tag.

For example, imagine that you want to make all the tasks from Level 3 appearing, after succeeding in a task.

First, just add a tag like “level3”.

Where to find the tags in the task edition

Then use it in logic like this:

How to use the tasks with tag

When you finish task 1, then all the tasks with the tag “level3” will show themselves up on the map.

This can be really useful if you play a game with 100 tasks, and you have many of them to open at once.

2. The “Answer is correct by any team” Block

In the logic blocks section, you can find the second new block.

Where to find the Answer is correct block
Logic>answer is correct by any team

In my personal opinion, this one is a blast. Basically, it means that you can add interaction between all the players.

Imagine that we have one super tough question.

If everyone solves this question, then all the level 3 will be unlocked for every player.

How to use the answer is correct block

Let’s cheer up for that player who succeeds in solving this super tough question!

Besides, you can change the logic for the block as follows:

You can choose different logic

3. The “answer is ” block

This small block actually means a lot to us.

Where to find answer is block
Logic>answer is

Now, imagine that you are in a (virtual) room. You have several doors to choose from.

With the old logic, you could only have 2 choices: either correct or incorrect. Basically, you could only have 2 doors.

Before you could only choose 2 outcome for one task

But today, you can offer as many doors as you wish!!

Now you can have as many outcomes as you wish

In fact, the choice of answers is coming directly from this task.

Here is how it appears from the task edition.

How it looks like from the task edition

We recommend you use “Multiple choices” with this block.

4. The “Timer after finished” block

Where to find the timer after finish block
Logic>timer after finished

This one was also requested by our users, And they were right to request it: many game designs use time as a basis of their gameplay. If you could apply this with a Loquiz game, this gives a lot of possibilities.

Let’s take an example.

Imagine that task 2 was finished. Let’s open a task meaning that 1 minute elapsed:

How to use the block tasks is finished after

This means that you don’t have to rely only on the main timer to make a game logic.

You can simply check time depending on tasks activations.

So you can add some pressure to your player to finish quicker! Isn’t that great?

Through a blog article, it might not be fully clear. I can only advise you to try it. Imagine some new game design that relies on quite original ideas.

When you test, if you have an opinion regarding these blocks, feel free to send me a message! I will be happy to discuss this with you.

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