A new Escape Room to play now for Christmas

Today we’re in November, and Christmas is coming relatively soon.

People are going to celebrate the end of the year in many different ways. One of the main ways is through a game.

However, some of us need to prepare for the celebration, for the games, very early. This can be the case if you’re an event planner, a human resource worker, or a parent who wants to give the best event for their family.

With Loquiz, we’re here to provide a tool that helps you provide an outstanding experience with the people around you. And this is why we came up with a new addition to the Games Market:

Principle: Along with several players, you’re locked in a room.

It’s cold. And it’s becoming colder and colder. However, there is a strange character standing here, staring at you.

And there are 6 Ugly Sweaters in the room.

You quickly understand that you need to unlock these Ugly Sweaters to feel warmer, to unlock the whole room.

But beware, the temperature slowly decreases…

4 rooms, 4 challenges before you can escape…
Screenshots of the game
Some screenshots of the game

How can you start the Ugly Sweater Escape now?

To start a game, you first need to have a Free account. You can immediately have one by going on this page.

Then you can follow this video:

This game can be played with every player in the same actual room. This can also be played remotely, with everyone in the same virtual room.

Have fun!

The Ugly Sweater Escape’s background

We put Ugly Sweaters

As a side note, here is how I came up with the idea of an Ugly Sweater Escape’s Game:

I had a few rules to follow to create that game: The game needed to be playable by any group of people, mainly families, and colleagues. The game should also be easily enjoyable no matter how’s the cultural background of the player.

Thus, I decided to pick 3 ideas that are easy to grab:

  1. The Ugly Sweater. Although it might not be a trend everywhere, it’s something that everyone can enjoy in their own way. There is not so many codes about this, so it’s easy to adapt.
  2. The idea of an Escape Room. Why Escape Room are popular as games? Because it draws fear. The fear to be locked in a place forever. But the fear is the feeling that catch our emotions the best. Therefore, I decided to put this idea of game in the equation.
  3. Those who watch Netflix will easily notice the reference of the trendiest series of the year 2021. Did you guess which one? 😊

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