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Play a Free Color Scavenger Hunt with your Children Now!

The logo of the game of colors

Scientists have determined that our eyes can differentiate around 10 million colors. This means that there are a lot of shades of each color. And this is something that everyone needs to be educated with… This is why I came up with the Free Color Scavenger Hunt that you can already play now.

You can learn there 36 colors in a funny way (I would have trouble to include all the 10 million existing colors and their shades).

Screenshots of the color Scavenger Hunt


  1. You need to score 200 points.
  2. You need to scavenge items that match colors. Each color scores up to 20 points.
  3. You have 3 levels. Each level contains 3 colors with 4 different shades each.
  4. Simply download Loquiz on iOS or Play Store for free, then scan the following QR code to start the game immediately (do NOT exit the Loquiz app):
QR code to start the Color Scavenger Hunt

I can show you some examples of colors to give you an idea of the color scavenger hunt. These are pictures taken while playing the game:

This is Tom Nook!
Who’s this famous character?
A banknote with yellow sepia color
Our banknotes are also a bank of color’s shades
This sign has a chilli red color
You can play this game outdoor
My car is blue Samarkand
There’s a great variety of colors among cars

Have fun!

Side note: Why did I make this color scavenger hunt?

To add a side note, I would like to explain why I made an educational game about the colors.

If I gave you a list of 36 shades of colors to memorize, then you would probably get unmotivated to learn. Yet, it can be useful to learn these.

For example, a graphic designer must be careful about which shade of color to use. A “navy blue” can convey different feelings than a “teal blue”.

Different shades of blue

What’s the best way to learn, while wanting it? Gamification. Through a game, we aim to have fun. And while we enjoy the process, we don’t mind spending energy learning.

By making some research on the different keywords typed on Google, I found out that many teachers or parents were looking for a game that teaches the different shades of colors.

So I wanted to overcome that lack of solution by using Loquiz Creator.

Loquiz Creator, where I created my Color Scavenger Hunt
A screenshot of the Loquiz Creator

You can also make your own game by creating a free account here.

You can also check another educational game that I developed during the quarantine period. This game teaches the Pythagorean theorem.

If you are curious about how I developed the game using Loquiz, feel free to send me a message!

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