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An idea of a Distance Learning Scavenger Hunt game with Loquiz

Currently, some students are already back in school, and this might be a problem (for example in Georgia, where some pictures are concerning). With the lack of distance, it can even be a cause of a second wave.
I’m going to show you an idea of a distance learning scavenger hunt. It is a solution for this hypothetical second wave.

Create a distance learning scavenger hunt with Loquiz

Because such a game can help you to teach while maintaining a distance. Moreover, students would have great fun learning by playing.

In this perspective, I would like to help you, by sharing an example of game creation.

Let’s create together a Distance Learning Scavenger Hunt math game with you.

This will only take 6 steps.

(if you find Mathematics boring, if you don’t want to play my game, you can scroll down until the picture of a cat. Next to the picture, I will give 7 rules to follow, to create your own distance learning scavenger hunt 😺⬇️⬇️⬇️)

Assembling puzzle pieces

Back at my high school time, I used to be quite a nerd about mathematics. Although I was not good at any other fields, maths opened me a lot of doors. This is a field worth teaching.

So let’s try a game… To learn Pythagorean theorem.

I want to teach this famous theorem in a fun way, but also in a distant way. Meaning you can provide a game from students who are at their home.

1. First step, I write down in my favorite notebook how the game would look like.

My notebook, where I conceive that  distance learning scavenger hunt
(No need to read in detail. My writing is terrific)

2. Second step, from all the ideas and game structure on paper, I simply apply everything on the Loquiz Creator Pro (you can ask us access to this advanced editor here).

The Creator Pro as a screenshot
The Creator Pro

3. Then, I test my own game on my phone using the App Loquiz. You can download the App from the Apple App Store, or the Android Play Store.

4. Once you are at the starting page, use the scanner by tapping here:

Screenshot of the app Loquiz

5. Scan the following QR code:

QR code that you need to scan
Note: You can also type pythagoras as the username, and 406 as the password.

6. And then you can start.

Have fun!

A cat ready to play a distance learning scavenger hunt
A cat

What if you want to create your OWN distance learning scavenger hunt game?

Because of the global situation, people tend to work at home (teachers included).

In this way, the biggest loss of productivity can have 4 legs and 2 hears: Cats 😺

With these little creatures, impossible to follow clear rules to create any course, any game. Creating a game needs discipline.

I can help you on that part, thanks to my article: 7 important rules to follow to bring a distance learning Scavenger hunt.

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