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Distance Learning Scavenger Hunt: 7 Important Rules to Follow

Distance Scavenger Hunt Game

Currently, some students are already back in school, and this might be a problem (for example in Georgia, where some pictures are concerning). With the lack of distance, it can even be a cause of a second wave.

Thus, I would advise you to make a distance learning Scavenger Hunt. However, it’s not that easy to build one. So I would advise to follow these 7 ideas.

1. Go virtual, don’t use paper

Not everyone owns a printer at home. I do, but like many people, my cartridges don’t work. However, everyone owns a smartphone. Between a game on paper (which the file is sent by email) and a game from a Scavenger Hunt App, the question is quickly answered.

Smartphone and tablet with Loquiz
2. Find a clear topic to teach

Just like any course, make sure that your game will teach one single idea. For example, in my game, I just made an introduction to the Pythagorean theorem.
The players need to be focused on one lesson at a time (unless you decide to create one game with several paths).

3. Find an amazing story to convey your teaching

Teaching or playing can be boring. But there is a killer way to overcome the boredom: Bring a background story. The story will help the player remaining emotionally engaged.

In the example of my previous game, the story is about walking around a Greek island to measure a calculated distance. Maybe, you’ll notice that this island is Samos island, where Pythagoras was born.

Artwork about creativity
4. Write down all your ideas before building the game

Before you start building a game, you need a clear idea. Therefore, you need to structure your ideas somewhere. I have my personal notebook where I write down all my ideas. It’s useful, as long as I can read my own writing (which is not always the case, hum).

5. Build the game using the right platform

When your distance learning scavenger hunt game idea is ready, you need to use the right platform. There are many that I could advise you about. But you can simply try ours. You can already start a Free Trial here.

Note: our platform has the deepest customization ability, as I explained in this article. And this might not be a quality that you’re looking for.

Assembling puzzle piece again
6. Test it before showing to your students

What worse than a single problem that brings your game down? It often happens whenever we start using a virtual solution. Technologies can sometimes be less reliable than papers.

So, please, test your game before you show it to your students.

7. Or if you are lazy… Base yourself from an existing game

You already built games on a given topic. Why don’t you simply copy one, and replace the tasks? Using a similar structure, you can change the topic.

This is another reason why you should use a virtual solution for a distance learning scavenger hunt game.

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