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A Scavenger Hunt App with great customization, a BIG NO?

From ideas to customization

➡️ It is indeed a BIG NO, and I will provide you 4 reasons why a Scavenger Hunt App with great customization doesn’t help as much as you think.

➡️ In fact, all Scavenger Hunt App’s rep will tell you “yes, we have wide range of customization”. The truth is that users get sometimes disappointed when they actually try.

➡️ Platforms indeed limit as much as possible the customization possibilities, because of the 4 reasons raised in this article.

➡️ Are these reasons a problem for us? No. I will tell you how Loquiz maintains the highest of customization without problems.

It's difficult to build a Scavenger Hunt Game

Today, there are many Scavenger Hunt App with great customization on the market. They might all have different features, with their pro and cons. One criterion that can be overlooked is the level of customization.

If you get any information from any of the platforms, they will all highlight their high level of customization. Especially when you get contacted by a sales rep.

You can easily feel enthusiastic by the wide possibilities until you actually start using the platform.

Indeed, many platforms silently avoid offering a wide set of customization.

Let time simply explain to you in 4 points why they are actually right, and how we bypass these constraints.

(Psst, and I can tell you that Loquiz still offers wide possibilities. Hey, just look at this, the Creator Pro. I doubt you can find something similar elsewhere 😁)

Your Scavenger Hunt App with great customization thanks to Creator Pro
Our creator Pro for your Scavenger Hunt App

1. High customization = Low stability of the Scavenger Hunt App

Recently, I was playing a famous video game, GTA V. It’s considered the most sold videogame of history. Yet, I got surprised that the online game was unstable. I even found out that it was a common problem.

And here, I realized that all the possible software is unstable to some extent. It’s a universal problem. As users, we always end up accepting this reality, bearing (or avoiding) the bugs.

When it can be acceptable in a video game, it’s absolutely not in an outdoor game.

How annoying, when your Scavenger Hunt App crashes again

Imagine this: You are outside, playing with hundreds of people. And the whole game crashes. It takes minutes to solve, it needs to change some plans.

This situation happens, when your platform offers too much customization. When you offer more possibilities, it implies much more combination of occurrence, therefore a lot of potential crashes.

Loquiz acknowledges this at a hundred percent: We are continuously developing our product since 10 years ago. There are still many features that we avoid implementing, by the fear of recurrent crashes.

Does a problem occur? We put high priority at solving them (have a look at our FAQ!).

2. It’s difficult to learn how to handle the customization

In my free time, I enjoy doing some art. I work on different platforms. One of them is digital drawing. And I realize how difficult it is, to handle tools.

You can have a maximum level of customization to draw your dream landscape. Our complex mind has ways to mentally represent the future artwork.

Lot of painting tools for great customization
It takes too much time to learn how to handle these tools.

But when you have more brushes, more effect, more highlighters, more tools, you realize that the dream landscape will remain a dream.

It’s the same with a Scavenger hunt game. It’s difficult to make an outdoor game that matches our complex mind.

We want a game with different triggers, different types of tasks, different paths. But in the end, we find ourselves frustrated by how difficult a tool might be. And we give up the tool.

Instead, we often stick with a platform that only offers a game with one path and several customizable tasks. Not more than that.

Loquiz does acknowledge this issue. Therefore, we keep working at improving the user experience. You should give a look there if it’s not done yet!

Example of Creator Pro logic

We also follow-up with our new users. Our in-house expert and our sales representatives maintain contact from the beginning until you can fly with your own wings (and make the best Scavenger Hunt game).

3. When we don’t have a clear idea of the game, we don’t need a full customization

We have a beginning idea of a game. It’s there, but there is still no clear shape.

We don’t need a full interface with a lot of buttons. We need to go to the essentials, so we already have a game that is built.

Full customization can be a curse, especially if you start. And this is something that we acknowledge here. This is why we created the “Games Market”. Some games can be made in a few clicks, at your own location.

You can try the “Into Fresh Air” game.

Into Fresh Air, game for your Scavenger Hunt App

It doesn’t even need to change anything to start playing. So you should try it now. Indeed, this game is based on the odometer: The tasks appear depending on the walking distance.
The tasks are already there. They are mathematical riddles. But oh, don’t you dislike calculations? No problem, you can also easily change each task.

How does the Creator Pro look like

Besides, to help you build your idea, we have regular webinars with our community. Our different users share their game idea with others. Then we discuss, we provide tips, we support each other. So that our user get a better idea of the game.

4. A great customization Scavenger Hunt app is expensive

To develop a full customization Scavenger Hunt game that doesn’t crash, it takes time, workforce, money, sweat 💧

Therefore, pricing can quickly skyrocket.

More customization, higher price for your Scavenger Hunt App

When you get contacted to start a Scavenger Hunt app, your first question is most probably “how much will it cost?”. It’s especially the case when the sales representative keeps boasting about how great is his product while avoiding the payment question.

You can feel enthusiastic until you finally hear the price. The disappointment can be great.

I’ve felt it before. But we don’t have this anymore, because Loquiz is now transparent with the pricing.

Have a look at the Pricing page.

It’s possible to simply avoid the customization stuff, by just taking the lowest package. Our approach is that someday, other ideas will come to you; and you will start using other features.

In my experience, I can see that our users start to have ideas when they succeed in selling games. They get better expertise about how to upscale, how to fine-tune. Then the higher package starts to fit their needs.

Loquiz, in a nutshell

In this way, Loquiz wants to remain a minor expense; while you can leverage your game business thanks to our tool, our expertise, and our wide customization.

In a nutshell, a high customization level is an issue per se, for a platform that seeks stability, efficient user-experience, cost-efficiency. Loquiz took the risk to have all at once.

We took an even bigger risk while releasing the Creator Pro. But this risk is possible thanks to our approach. Despite these 4 problems, we now have the most advanced Scavenger Hunt app in the market.

You can already start a free trial account now if you want to make a tailor-made game… Or a simple game.

Play a Scavenger Hunt App with your device

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