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Creating indoor games

Loquiz is mainly intended for outdoor games, but it is possible to create indoor games as well. Lets see couple of ways how you can set up an indoor game with Loquiz platform.


The main limitation for indoor games is that location information is unreliable. It is coming from the fact that GPS does not work indoor, and other ways of determining the location (wifi and mobile) do not have necessary accuracy. So an activation by the location and navigation are hindered.

How can you overcome these limitations and build indoor games on Loquiz?

Key features to make it work

There are some key features that will let you use Loquiz for indoor games or even for indoor-outdoor mix. First, lets look at map games.

1) Zero radius

If you put a pin onto the map, then it will be shown on the map, but will be  not activated on GPS. Using this “hack” you can place objects that are visible onto the map , but you do not have to worry that  they would be  activated by an  accident. However, they can also be activated using other means (see the  next point).

2) Use alternative activation means

In addition to location activation, Loquiz has built in following activations.
a) QR – every question in Loquiz has a QR code for activation. It is just a matter of printing out the QR (or sending it to the e-mail of other device) and if game rules allow the question to be opened, it can be done so by the QR.
b) BARCODES – i.e. the codes on the products (EAN codes in Europe). You can attach one or more barcodes to any question, so the question can be activated by scanning a Snickers bar or a Twix bar or any other chocolate bar if the barcode is added to the question.
c) iBeacons – bluetooth beacons that device can sense. iBeacons are different because they work automatically. So you do not need to scan anything. If you are in a right place, the question will open. The extra work is that you need to set up the beacons. If you have the beacons already set up  (like in museums very often), then you can also attach these to your questions. To attach iBeacon you need to know its UUID, major ID and minor ID. That can usually be obtained by scanner apps.

All these work across all the game types (except quiz), and in many game types the game rules will affect the way the activations behave. For example, in scavenger the question will only open if it is on the map – so it is openable in the first place.

3) Use a map overlay

Outdoor maps are not great indoors and Loquiz does not have the special interface for displaying indoor maps. To overcome that, you can add the indoor map as a map overlay onto a regular map. If you put it roughly into the location where the game takes place, then it will be nicely centered as well.

Marking the location where you can find QR codes can be done directly onto the map overlay (using Photoshop type of programs) or then add Pins with Zero radius so they display but do not activate. Whatever you choose you are into some work as good indoor maps are not usually available, so you might have to go with something like a floor plan to the place.

You might be in a situation where some map provider has your building mapped out. You might be able to use that by choosing the correct map for the user.


4) No map needed

If you do not need a map at all, then you can use a clue game for your base. It will work with all the activators below and in addition, you can activate (open) questions using Clues.

Also it is worth considering using  a clue game type and use a printout map for navigation. This means that Loquiz can show you a list of questions that are then activated using different means, but the paper map brings it all together…


5) Creating in/outdoor games

Sometimes you might have some stuff indoors, but some outdoors. It is perfectly ok to connect these two as GPS activation plays together with any other activations nicely in all game types, including Clue game type.

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