Activating questions in games with barcodes – EAN

June 14, 2018 - 2 minutes read

You might have used QR codes to let players activate questions in  games. Less known feature is that Loquiz allows also to activate questions with product barcodes.The International Article Number (also known as European Article Number or EAN) is a standard describing a barcode numbering system used to identify a specific retail product type in a specific packaging configuration from a specific manufacturer.

In Loquiz app the the same scanner in a side menu which is used for scanning QR-s is also used for scanning barcodes.

How to make a specific product activate a question?
1 Grab a product that has a barcode and you wish to use
2 Create the question. In an Additional settings tab write to an Instructor notes field the EAN: (with the colon!) and the numbers in the barcode. The format should not have any spaces. For example:
3 Insert the question into a game
4 During the game when the barcode is scanned the  according question opens

+Note that you can use one EAN code for multiple questions, in this case questions will open one-by-one meaning that you need to scan multiple times to open multiple questions with the same EAN code.

+For outdoor games, scanning the code and answering questions will make the pin disappear from the map. It is considered answered.

You can make pins for questions meant to be activated by EAN code transparent and put the pins away from the main game area. Give hints what product code to scan in questions after answer comments or chat.

More obvious way is to make the pin visible and set a radius to 0m in the game’s locations screen. In the question intro describe what the  players have to scan to open up this task. “Find a candy bar “Delicous bite” from this cafe and scan its barcode. Use the  scanner in the game side menu!

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