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Photo questions and protective bags

For a while Loquiz has had the ability to ask players to make photos. Just choose a Photo as a question type and fill in the assignment.  Read more about photo questions in Loquiz HELP. Loquiz support


Unfortunately the supply of good protective covers that allow to take photos has been in short supply. Stock bags are not exactly weather proof and our bags have not supported the photo taking capabilities of the tablets. Now this is about to change. We just got first batch of protective bags that allow for taking photos.  Best thing is that it supports iPads (that have camera in the corner) as well as several Android cameras that usually have cameras in the middle. They continue to be weatherproof, so it does not matter if it rains of shines you can still run the games.

So we developed a new bag that has  holes for backside camera. Hole is covered with plastic, so it is still weatherproof.


Below is a photo showing bag with iPad in it.



And also Samsung Galaxy Tab…


It should  basically take all the tablets that have close to 10 inch screens. We also changed the closure from top to the side, so it does not interfere with camera holes.  Leashes are permanently attached to the bag, so you are supposed to carry it around your neck or neck and shoulder.



In case of need you can get them from us for 25 EUR. In case you need really large quantity we are happy to direct you to the actual producer. Or alternatively use other cases that work for you.


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