There are following answer types in Loquiz.

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple answer
  • Text
  • Numeric
  • Photo
  • No answer
  • Video

Multiple choice (radio button)

Several answer options, only one answer choice can be chosen. This default question type and most widely used.  When creating a question of this type at least one answer option must be defined and exactly one answer option must be marked as correct.

Answer is considered correct when correct option is chosen.

Multiple answers (checkbox)

Several answer options and several can be chosen by player. When creating at least one answer option must be defined and at least one correct answer option marked.

Answer is considered correct when all the correct options are chosen.


The answer is text string.  When creating this type of question correct text string must be specified. Capitalization is ignored. Textbox accepts letters and numbers.

Answer is considered correct when exactly the same text string is entered.

NB! Several correct answers can be defined using semicolons.  For example:

Q: Who is the author of relativity theory?

A: Einstein;  A. Einstein; Albert Einstein; Einstein Albert

Any one of those would be considered correct if entered. Remember that capitalization is ignored.


Answer is specific numerical value. It can be negative or positive.  Entry box only accepts numbers.

Answer is considered correct when exactly the correct value is entered.


For photo question answer does not need to be defined.  Answer is the photo.  When question opens player has the option to a) take the photo  or b) skip the photo.  Skipping the photo results in the incorrect answer (task not done).


Like photo question only the answer is the video. Skipping the video results in incorrect answer (task not done).

Video length is limited to 15 seconds while shooting.

Videos are uploaded over mobile data and wifi connection. If mobile data is present then upload starts instantly after answering. If you have no mobile data connection in the devices but a wifi connection then videos still upload over wifi. Videos are saved in the device as well, so if wifi is not available these can be retrieved directly from the devices.

Videos are shown together with Photos on photo wall in Results pages.

No answer

In no answer type of question, answer is not defined nor expected. It is used to convey information and facts. Player only has the ability to press OK and it results correct answer always.

Survey question option

You  can set specific questions a survey question. It means that all answers are considered correct. Question types that are affected by this are multiple choice, multiple answer, text and number type of questions.  Use it to drop in occasional survey question to gather players feedback on anything.

See also creating questions tutorial video: