Update your Loquiz

February 21, 2013 - 1 minute read

Great news. We have just released a new version of Loquiz player for both – iOS and Android.

Huge amount of bugs were fixed, some were probably introduced, but this time changes are bigger than just bugfixes.

1. Text replaces icons

We have always believed the game UI has to be selfexplanatory. Well the icons were not. Especially in big events people would grab devices, start to play and not understand everything the game does. So now it is in writing. App interface can easily be translated to match the content language, so we hope this makes things much clearer for the players

2. Simpler start

Now after inserting ticket code you can see the maps, locations, strategy, even the starting point if it is fixed (ie.not determined with dice).

To start the game you press “Start the game” :), team name is asked, dice is thrown (in case the game demands it) and off you go.

So there is no more of this that the players will start moving but forget to start the game 🙂

3. No more blue balloons

Blue help balloons are gone. They were hard to translate and did not add to the understanding. The game info is still there though, but all the buttons should be self-explanatory now.

Update your Loquiz and test it out.

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