The New Easter QR Hunt is out

Are you planning an Easter-themed activity for your upcoming event? Or for your family gathering? Whether you’re opting for indoor festivities or embracing the outdoors, consider the exciting new QR Hunt in your plans!

This game is easy to set up, it’s also a good opportunity to learn how to use Loquiz.

Start your Easter QR hunt

To start, create an account, go to the template page, Choose this game:

Loquiz Template page in the Creator
Create game > 1. Tasks > 2. Rules > 3. Configurations > Save

Once done, it’s time to print the QR codes. You have the option to utilize the convenient PDF containing all the QR codes on a single page. You can also download the SVG files for each egg, for versatile printing on various mediums like T-shirts, mugs, flyers, and posters.

QR code with eggs that you can hide

Furthermore, ensure to personalize each task with your own questions. The tasks come equipped with details on different task types. This may serve as a helpful guide, especially if you’re new to using Loquiz.

Loquiz Creator Screenshot
Click on the task text to edit one task, on the bottom left of your screen.

You’ll have a task editing menu like this. Replace the text and write down your own quizzes for all 15 tasks.

Loquiz task editing screenshot

Once the QR codes are printed, tasks are edited, and the game is published, you’re all set for the fun!

Make sure you hide the QR codes in tricky places 🤭

If you have any ideas or need assistance navigating through Loquiz, then schedule a 30-minute call with me!

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