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24 minutes of Logic: Challenge the mental and physical strength of your players!

Do you know the chessboxing game? It’s a mix of British boxing and chess. This is the best way to engage both physical and mental strength. However, you might not provide this activity for your events or your school…

This is why Loquiz provides you with this game: The 24 Minutes of Loquiz!

During 24 minutes (not 24 hours!), let your players run around a racetrack while answering logical riddles. At the end of the game, the team with the highest number of laps wins.

How do I play the 24 minutes of Logic?

You can set this game up anywhere by using the “move all pins” function. Any place can be a racetrack: A park, a baseball stadium, a beach, a schoolyard, etc…

Other than the Loquiz pins, you won’t need to set up props. This game is indeed easy to set up at your location in a few minutes.

  1. To start playing it with your players, you can simply follow these steps:
  2. Create a Loquiz account for free.
  3. Go to the template page
  4. Find the “24 minutes of Logic”
  5. Click on Create a game, and you can provide the game for your players!

And when you create the game, you’ll also have full access to its game’s rules.

Now, you can edit it fully from the Creator!

This game already existed under the name of “The 24 Minutes of Loquiz“. Numerous schools and event companies used this game as a way to engage mentally and physically their participants.

Now, we made a revamped version of it based on the Creator. Thanks to his editor, you’ll be able to deeply change the rules if you need to!

The actual template’s rules. Everything is editable

If it’s still complicated for you, but you have specific game rules that you want to edit, feel free to book a free 30-minute demo with me. I’ll show you how you can apply your idea to the Creator.

Try the new Connections V2 now!

First of all, download the Loquiz app (Android or iOS).

The Loquiz logo

Then open the app, and accept the different permissions.

Press “Or scan QR to log in”, so you scan this QR code:

Start 24 minutes of Logic

You can also type the following:

Username: 24logic
Password: 24

Have fun!

To conclude

Inventing a game that’s both physical and mental can be challenging. These are two different aspects that can be opposed sometimes in terms of game design.

This is why I came up with this game idea back in 2019. Now we have an enhanced version, it will be easier to set up that game.

Since 2019, I realized that this game was popular among students. That’s an easy way to add some exam questions to PE (physical education). The mix of the two brings fun that students might not have when they do an exam or when they do PE alone.

If you’re planning games for college, you can also check that article I wrote a while ago. I based this article on

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