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Gain more points if you answer faster!

Players with a scavenger hunt game

In your Loquiz game, there’s a point system. From there, you can make a task that will give points according to how fast you answer.

The longer you answer, the less you gain points.

A Loquiz game on a tablet

But what if we want to follow this different logic?

➡️ You gain a bonus of 100 points if you answer faster than 30 seconds.

At the same time, you don’t want the player to lose the question when 30 seconds have elapsed.

So how can we do it?

5 steps to gain more points when the player answers faster

Step 1

Let’s say, we have a task that opens an actual quiz on the map.

Step 1, a block to show a task on the map

Step 2

However, we want to give a bonus 30 seconds after opening this task. To achieve this, our Loquiz blocks need to be a bit tricky. So, let’s see how we do.

We create a task that will appear once the player reaches the correct location. This first task will open “the actual quiz”.

Step 2, to open a second task

Step 3

Currently, the first task seems irrelevant. But it will become useful for our logic.

We want this logic to happen when we succeed in our actual tasks, right? So let’s add the following blocks:

Step 3, the logic that will give bonus points

Step 4

First, let’s define a task that will give 100 points if answered faster.

Step 4, make a task with the bonus points

We’ll call it “bonus points!”.

The same task editing, for the bonus points

And this is how it will appear on the Creator (if the task is 3rd in order).

How the task 2 appears on the Creator

Step 5

Here comes the tricky part.

If task 1 was answered 30 seconds before, then open task 3 (that we created in the previous step).

Step 5, make a block that appear less than 30 seconds after block 1

Currently, it doesn’t have any sense. Because task 3 can only open when we succeeded in the actual quiz.

So we need to include these blocks in our current logic as follows:

The whole logic that this article is about

Let’s summarize how this works.

(1) We open the task “You arrived there!” when the player arrives at the right location

(2) A second task opens the “actual quiz”. When we close the first task, it starts a counter useful for the next point:

(3) If task 2 “the actual quiz” is answered correctly, AND if the timer is less than 30 seconds before task 1 “you arrived there” finishes”…

(4) Then we open “the bonus points!”

Overall, the player receives 100 bonus points for answering the actual quiz faster than 30 seconds. On the opposite, if the player answers incorrectly or answers in more than 30 seconds task 2 “the actual quiz”, they will not get any bonus.

Side Note

The Task “You arrived there!” finishes when the task “The actual quiz” starts.

So it makes sense to say that task “bonus points!” will exactly appear if the task “the actual quiz” was answered in less than 30 seconds.

This logic works, but…

It might be difficult to understand it if you’re still very new with Loquiz, or if you’re still using the free trial.

If you need a better explanation, I’m always personally keen to answer. You can ask by email or book a 30-minute free demo with me.

Icons from the main picture by Freepik.

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