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Avatar Gamification, the $1M challenge with Nature Conservancy !

Avatar 2 movie

On the 16th of December, Avatar will be released in cinemas for its second opus, at this occasion Disney created a gamification campaign. Through the movie, Jake Sully and Neytiri the main characters of Avatar will move from their homeland to discover new oceanic regions of their world, Pandora. The characters will have to fight to be able to live peacefully in their lands the beautiful Pandora. Likewise, in our world, creatures are fighting to survive in their homeland, destroyed each day even more by humans. For this reason, it is not surprising that the movie actors took a position for environmental protection.

The Nature Conservancy NGO:

The Nature conservancy is an NGO with green objectives.

  • Tackle climate change
  • Protect the nature
  • Provide food and water sustainably
  • Develop healthy cities

Nature conservancy informs also the public about the threats that hit some species. This is why, on their website, you will have more information about the belugas, turtles, and manatees’ characteristics and what behaviour to adopt to protect them. But how Disney and Nature Conservancy collaborated through gamification?

Beluga as threatened as avatar characters

The Avatar gamification campaign:

Together with Disney, they have launched the “keep our oceans amazing” campaign. This gamification marketing operation use gamification to showcase actively oceans beauty while advertising the Avatar movie. The game is simple: go to the Avatar website, get through the QR code link and create your animal. Disney will give $5 to the Nature Conservancy NGO to save the ocean, each time a new animal is created in the game. In fact, their goal is to hit $1 million donation by the 31st of december, when the campaign will end.

Step to play the Avatar game

Loquiz and the Avatar game:

This game has also an estonian inhabitant, this is the Loquiz fish! Follow him here.

Do you also want to create your own gamification stategy? Hence, create games to fulfill your goals and be memorable in 3 steps? This is how to do it:

Follow Loquiz to discover new tips and tricks to solve your business problems while having fun!

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