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A Replay of the Webinar “Create your own real-world AR games”

Webinar Loquiz Fectar

We’ve hosted a webinar about using AR (Augmented Reality) with Loquiz.

Our guest, Bram van Vugt, Fectar’s content director, provided us with an interesting view on the future of Augmented Reality. We’re really thankful for his insightful presentation! And you might enjoy his live demo with a Space related to the Beatles 😄

And then I presented how you can set up AR with Loquiz, step by step. Enjoy!


00:00:01 Introduction to the Webinar

00:13:45 Bram van Vugt’s presentation

00:56:12 How to set up Augmented Reality with Loquiz

01:15:31 Questions and Comments

By the way, you can try out our AR Loquiz game showcase. We mention it several times in the webinar. Using AR, it will make you visit Monaco!

3 portals to go to Monaco
Set these 3 portals right into your room using Loquiz and Fectar

First, download Loquiz (iOS and Android), then scan the following QR code.

a QR code to start a showcase game about AR with Loquiz

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